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Information Technology Services

MIS, or the Management Information Services department at the City of Brockville, is responsible for providing strategic technology direction, central IT, and Telephone support, project management, and managing the City’s IT budget.


The department services twelve different municipal facilities and has approximately 200 users.  It is the primary goal of the MIS department to provide City staff with timely and reliable access to information so that the needs of citizens can be addressed in an efficient manner.

Finance Staff

Lynda Ferguson - Director of Finance
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Lynda Ferguson

Manager of Finance & IT TBD - Manager of Finance and IT Services
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Manager of Finance & IT TBD

Christine Ward - Supervisor of Accounting Services
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Christine Ward

Margaret Chisholm - Financial Analyst/Internal Auditor
    Email Margaret Chisholm

Emily Wood - Procurement Contracting & Risk Management Co-ord.
    Tel: 6133428772
    Email Emily Wood

Ryan Allen - Financial Analyst - General
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Ryan Allen

Kristen Hayes - Financial Analyst - General
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Kristen Hayes

Debbie Scott - Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Debbie Scott

Patti Lewis - Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Patti Lewis

Adam Parker - IT Analyst
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Adam Parker

Warren Davies - IT Analyst
    Tel: (613) 342-8772
    Email Warren Davies