Information on the Official Plan
Official Plan 2021 Update


Official Plan 2021 Update

Background on the Official Plan Review

The City of Brockville Official Plan outlines the City’s goals, objectives, and policies primarily used to support growth, economic development, and building Brockville’s future. The plan also establishes a framework for managing the effects of growth on the social, economic and natural environment of the City. The existing Official Plan was approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing in 2012.

As the City of Brockville grows, it is important to update the Official Plan to reflect shifting planning and community priorities to ensure Brockville remains a vibrant and healthy community. In addition to this, The Planning Act requires that an Official Plan be reviewed every 5 years and updated to ensure that it: conforms with provincial plans, or does not conflict with them; has regard to matters of provincial interest; is consistent with provincial policy statements; and addresses recent legislative changes. Taking into account the timing of the approval of the Official Plan in 2012, the introduction of a 2020 Provincial Policy Statement and amendments to the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, the City has initiated a comprehensive update to its Official Plan.

Anyone wishing for more information on the Official Plan Review or to submit comments to City Staff, should do so to

Your Input is Important

City Staff working with NPG Planning Solutions are currently in the process of updating our Official Plan to shape policy and land use across Brockville for the next 25 years. Public input is critical to shaping Brockville's growth to 2046 by selecting priorities such as waterfront access, downtown revitalization, heritage, housing, and more. 

As part of this review process, we are looking for citizen input regarding how you would like to see the city develop over this timeframe.

A survey is now available here on the City’s website and other social media platforms for you to provide your input. This survey will run for 3 weeks (starting September 15, 2021), and your answers, comments and suggestions will help staff and the consultants to develop planning policy to guide our city for the years to come.

Click here to complete our survey or use the survey form embedded below.

Special Council Meeting, Official Plan Update - Held July 13, 2021

The Council of the City of Brockville held a special meeting, pursuant to Section 26(3) of the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, as amended, for the purposes of discussing the revisions that may be required as part of an upcoming update to the City's Official Plan. The Special Council Meeting will be held as follows:

THE SPECIAL MEETING OF COUNCIL was to discuss the revisions that may be required to the Official Plan. It is intended to provide an opportunity for the public to offer comments regarding any issue or matter that should be considered during the Official Plan Review process. Members of City Council will also be providing input on their issues or matters to be considered during the Official Plan review.

NPG Planning Solutions, the consulting firm hired to update our Official Plan, made a detailed presentation at this meeting that provides additional insight into the process.

Click here to watch a recording of the July 13th Special Council Meeting.

Phases of the Official Plan Review:

  • Phase 1: Project Initiation - Preliminary Issues and Opportunities, Document Review, Special Council Meeting
  • Phase 2: Community Engagement - Public Survey, Stakeholder Meetings, Council Feedback, Engagement Summary
  • Phase 3: Preparation of Draft Official Plan Update - Analysis & Preparation of Draft Policies and Mapping, Submission of Official Plan Update for Agencies’ Review, Brockville Staff Review and NPG Finalization
  • Phase 4: Engagement and Adoption - Statutory Open House and Public Meeting, Council Adoption of Official Plan Update