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OPP Costing Process

A Council meeting was held on Tuesday, February 14th at 7:00 p.m, at Brockville City Hall, in Council Chambers.  At that time, the motion regarding the OPP costing proposal was considered. Council passed the following resolution and the OPP Costing Process was ended.

OPP Costing Proposal
(Councillor Fullarton)

Moved by: Councillor Fullarton
Seconded by: Councillor Earle

THAT City Council reject the OPP costing proposal as presented at the January 25, 2017 meeting of Council and continue to be served by the Brockville City Police.

Recorded Vote: Yes Councillors Baker, Bursey, Deery, Earle, Kalivas, LeSueur, Fullarton and Mayor Henderson 8

No 0



January 25, 2017: Update from the Special Council meeting of January 25, 2017. Councillor J. Fullarton served notice that the following motion will be considered at the Council meeting February 14, 2017:

THAT City Council reject the OPP costing proposal as presented at the January 25, 2017 meeting of Council and continue to be served by the Brockville City Police.

Further information can be obtained from the Clerk's office: 

OPP Contract Proposal (as presented at the Council meeting of January 25, 2017)

Meeting Minutes:

October 24 2016

September 27, 2016

September 26, 2016

September 7 2016

June 20 2016

March 7 2016


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OPP Costing Consideration Process: Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Q: If Brockville shifts to OPP service delivery, are there going to be fewer police officers serving Brockville?

A: It is anticipated that the same number of officers would be transferred from the Brockville Police to the OPP.  Officers with the Brockville Police Services with a good record would be offered a position with the OPP policing the city of Brockville. The OPP will guarantee the same number of hours of policy service in the city.

2. Q: Why can’t the OPP use the current Brockville Police Service building as their headquarters?

A: A new location would be required for the station as the OPP abides by Infrastructure Ontario guidelines which indicate a need to be further than 500 m from train tracks to ensure the facility will not be inhibited from use by a derailment emergency.

3.  Q: Where will OPP headquarters be located?

A:  City staff are working closely with the OPP to determine viable locations for a new station. More details will be provided on this Website as they come available.

4.  Q: What kind of costs would the City incur for the construction and/or fitup of a new OPP building?

A:  The estimated costs for a new building will be outlined by the City and included in the financial analysis. 

5. Q: Is Brockville going to lose some of the community services provided by our current police force?

A: A review of community programs offered currently by the BPS showed that some administrative roles are not offered by the OPP such as Taxi licensing. The OPP does not take on the leadership of community projects as a rule but does participate in community projects. There are community projects, such as the Bartholomew HUB where the BPS has provided a leadership role and under the OPP the lead would have to be provided by one of the other partners. Generally, the OPP indicated they are able to provide the majority of the services identified by the BPS including services to seniors, youth, and those dealing with mental health challenges.

6. Q: What will happen to the Brockville Police administration staff?

A: Should the City transition to OPP service delivery, it is anticipated that administrative positions would be amalgamated with the OPP.  Some administrative positions will be impacted. 

7. Q: What are the advantages of OPP Service Delivery?

A: In some cases, there is a financial advantage for a municipality to engage in OPP service delivery, with reduced overhead and administrative costs. OPP service delivery allows several municipalities and the province to share the cost of detachment supervision, administrative positions and detachment infrastructure.

8. Q: Are the OPP going to be available 24/7?

A: Yes, full officer service will be available 24/7. Administrative services will be provided through regular office hours with a 2nd option for some form of front desk service beyond office hours.

9. Q: When will a final decision be made?

A: Please view the attached Timeline to view the key dates outlined in the process.

10. Q: Currently, our officers live in Brockville and know the community. Will we lose this with the OPP?

A: Currently, approximately 35% of the Brockville Police Service officers live in the city, or approximately 15 officers. At the same time, approximately 9 OPP officers live in the city. As a small city, geographically, many people who work in the city live outside the city and vice versa. This would not likely change.

11. Q: If the City chose OPP service, would there still be a Police Services Board?

A: Yes, a 5 member Board is required by provincial legislation, consisting of the mayor, a City Councillor, a citizen appointed by the City, and 2 provincial appointees. This is the same makeup as exists with the Brockville Police Services Board.

12: Q: Should the City transition to the OPP service delivery, what type of non-recurring costs would be incurred by the City?

A: Non-recurring costs would include:

a. OPP start-up costs (uniforms, equipment, weapons, radios). The OPP would complete an analysis of existing Brockville Police Services assets. Any existing assets assumed by the OPP would offset start-up costs.

b. Disbandment of Brockville Police Services: HR transition for affected positions, termination of leases for capital assets (vehicles/equipment), termination of service agreements


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