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Pre-Consultation for Planning Applications

Council for the City of Brockville has established by By-Law 039-2012 a mandatory pre-consultation process with respect to all planning applications, in accordance with Sections 22(3.1), 34(10.01), 41(3.1), and 51(16.1) of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, c.P. 13, as amended.

The pre-consultation process streamlines the approvals process, encourages submission of complete application packages, advises the proponent of applicable Official Plan policy, zoning provisions and other possible applicable municipal by-laws and/or regulations, explains the application process including notification, hearing and appeal rights, identifies what studies/information must be supplied in support of an application, identifies any technical concerns/issues, provides an opportunity to discuss any other matters that may be pertinent and identifies any available municipal assistance programs under the City’s Community Improvement Plans.

Mandatory pre-consultation is required for the following Planning Applications:

  1. Official Plan Amendment
  2. Zoning By-law Amendment
  3. Plan of Subdivision/Condominium
  4. Site Plan Approval

Please contact the Planning Department to arrange a pre-consultation meeting with respect to the submission of any of the above-noted applications:

Dayna Golledge, Administrative Coordinator
613-342-8772 x 4463