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Environmental Services: COVID-19

Last Updated: Friday September 25, 2020  10:00 am

Garbage & Recycling

Waste and Recycling collection will continue as normal.

Reminder to Residents for Waste Collection Best Practices Amongst COVID-19 Concerns. Please be conscious that Waste Collectors continue to work front-line jobs during this time. Here are some things to keep in mind to help safeguard staff and the community:

  • If you’re sick, please properly contain items that meet your mouth, nose, and eyes so they do not become loose or in direct contact with collectors.
  • Please ensure all tissues and personal care products are securely bagged and sealed within the garbage. No loose garbage in cans– if you put your waste out in a garbage can, please use a bag to contain the garbage and tie it closed before putting it to the curb for collection.

Compost - Leaves, clippings, etc. A reminder that there is no curbside pick up. The compost site at Gord Watts (GWMC) on North Augusta Ave is open. People can attend any day of week during operating hours. 

More information can be found here:

Water and Wastewater Billing Procedures

The City of Brockville in an effort to support the citizens of the City will be changing water and wastewater billing procedures in the following ways:

  • The billing cycle was initiated prior to the seriousness of this pandemic being known. The billing cycle process began more than two weeks ago in order for bills to be mailed on time.
  • Currently the payment terms on a water bill is 21 days at which point a one time late penalty of 5% is applied. We have waived the late penalty and extended the payment terms to 60 days until further notice.
  • For those of you able to pay your bill, payments are welcomed and will be processed. The revenue is helpful at this time but we understand the unique circumstances we all find ourselves in.
  • Online payments can be still be made. There is also a drop box at the front door of City Hall but we ask that proper safe distancing procedures and isolation requests take precedence.
  • Further relief opportunities and actions by council may be contemplated in future as the situation continues to evolve.

Water Treatment Plant

Access to the City’s Water Treatment Plant will be restricted to authorized personal only.  Water Systems Division will respond to water related emergencies only (flood or broken water main).  Any general water related concerns or issues, contact Craig Drake, Supervisor of Water Systems at 613-342-8772 ext. 5512.

Water Pollution Control

IMPORTANT NOTICE: What NOT to Flush.  With all the talk about toilet paper shortages, we don’t want the alternatives flushed. DO NOT flush anything but the 3P’s - pee, poop and paper (toilet paper).

There is never a good time for a toilet to back-up in your home, or the sewer line for your apartment building, or your whole street. “But now, at a time when we are being quarantined or self-isolated at home due to COVID-19, nobody wants a situation that would force you out of your home where you are safest”, observed Robert Haller, Executive Director of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA).

More details from the The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA).

Environmental Services Department, Wastewater Systems Division has put the following service delivery restrictions in place:

The City will no longer provide house calls for sewer service lateral blockages. Owners or tenants that have potential sewer lateral blockages, should call a plumber to service the sewer lateral. As a reminder, the sewer lateral from the building to the City sewer main belongs to the property owner. Any contracted work done to that privately owned sewer lateral is the responsibility of the property owner. The City is not liable for any cost incurred, even if the City has provided the service at no cost in the past.

All Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) facilities are off limits to the public. Access is permitted to staff and approved contractors only. Notes have been posted on the entrance to the facilities and on entry doors to the buildings providing contact phone numbers and instructions of who to reach for appointments, deliveries etc.

Phil Wood, Wastewater Systems Supervisor at 613-345-4958.

Please click here to access relevant staff in our City Departments: