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In order to protect residents, businesses and visitors, the City of Brockville requires a co-ordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Community Control Group. These are distinct arrangement and procedures from the normal, day-to-day operations carried out by emergency services.

Emergency preparedness - winter readiness

In a coordinated effort between the City of Brockville and Emergency Management Ontario, we can provide you with the following links for information pertinant to emergency management situations:

  1. Archives of emergency situations with situational descriptions.
  2. Emergency Survival Kit with Checklist.
  3. Public Education Fact Sheets including information on seniors and emergencies, children and emergencies, 911 facts and tips, and many more pieces of valuable information.
  4. Recent news regarding Emergency Management.
  5. Important links to the Canadian Red Cross, Emergency Preparedness Week, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, and others.

In addition to the above links, the Canadian Government through Public Safety Canada provides a variety of resources for emergency preparedness, consumer protection and other security issues at:

For emergency facts sheet information and public education, you can go to the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website at:

If you have any questions or concerns about the City of Brockville's Emergency Response Plan or any other issues regarding emergency preparedness, please contact:

Emily Johnston
Administrative Coordinator
Brockville Fire Department
Phone: (613) 498-1261

Emergency Management Staff

Renny Rayner - Deputy Fire Chief
    Tel: (613) 498-1261 x2502
    Email Renny Rayner