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Emergency Services

Brockville Fire Department: 

Brockville Police Services:

Fire Staff

David Lazenby - Fire Chief
    Tel: (613) 498-1261 x2501
    Email David Lazenby

Chris Paul - Deputy Fire Chief
    Tel: (613) 498-1261 x2502
    Email Chris Paul

Marilyn Poisson - Administrative Coordinator
    Tel: (613) 498-1261 x2503
    Email Marilyn Poisson

Matt Tyo - Fire Prevention Officer
    Tel: (613) 498-1363 x2520
    Email Matt Tyo

Police Services Staff

Scott Fraser - Chief of Police
    Tel: (613) 342-0127 x4234
    Email Scott Fraser

Mark Noonan - Deputy Chief
    Tel: (613) 342-0127 x4501
    Email Mark Noonan

Tracy Caskenette - Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police
    Tel: (613) 342-0127 x4291
    Email Tracy Caskenette