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10 Tips to make your community more welcoming
Posted Aug-20-2018

Brockville strives to be a welcoming community that is attractive to new residents. A huge component of a welcoming community is our current residents and how they interact with newcomers to help settle into their new home. The St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership has 10 Tips you can implement in your daily life to help make your community more welcoming.

10 Tips to make your community more welcoming

  1. Smile

A simple smile can go a long way in making someone feel welcome! 

  1. Be friendly

This may seem obvious, but it is important to remind ourselves that saying hi and chatting with people can play a big part in making a community feel welcoming for newcomers.

  1. Be inclusive

We all know how nice it feels to be included in an activity or event.  Invite newcomers to attend community events with you.  This will help them learn more about their new home, while meeting new friends.

  1. Be helpful

Offering a ride, directions, or tips on maneuvering the community can make newcomers feel more secure and confident while they settle in.

  1. Share food

Food has always brought people together.  Sharing your favourite dish or hosting a potluck with local newcomers, friends, and family, can be fun for everyone.  It also provides an opportunity for newcomers to share something special from their home country.

  1. Be respectful of differences.

Making yourself aware and respectful of cultural differences can help make newcomers feel comfortable and welcome. 

  1. Support local organizations

There are many organizations (such as the Immigration Partnership!) in Brockville and Leeds and Grenville that work to support welcoming communities. Become involved as a volunteer or by participating in events.

  1. Inspire others

Friendliness, openness, and inclusivity are contagious!  Encourage your friends and family to follow your lead by helping them learn about fostering welcoming communities. 

  1. Be curious

There are so many exciting things you can learn from new people in your community.  Don’t be shy to ask questions!  You might be surprised at how much people love to share!

  1. Learn

There are many ways to learn about different cultures.  Events (such as the Annual Brockville Multicultural Festival!), your local library, cooking, dance, and language classes – these are all wonderful and fun ways to learn!

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