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Brockville Canarm Expansion
Posted Jan-15-2020

The Canarm Brockville HVAC operations has entered its next expansion phase with their warehouse addition. The addition will be completed in 2 phases, with phase 1 being 57,000 square feet, and a phase 2 future expansion enabling 32,000 additional square feet.

The addition will enable 7 new shipping doors on the west end of the site enabling a proper flow through the site with receiving on the east end. The racking layout has been optimized to handle the variation in the product sizes and drive efficiencies in storage and truck loading.

The new warehousing space will enable the HVAC operations to expand the Assembly lines from 3 to 5 to support our continued growth and ensuring responsiveness to customers. The additional room will also enable an improved flow through the manufacturing facility as well as an upgraded world class testing facility for fan performance.

Construction is in progress now with a completion date of May 2020.

Key Milestones include:

  • December 2019: Footing and Foundation forming and pouring
  • January 2020: Roof and Wall panels completed
  • February 2020: Concrete floor poured
  • April 2020: Internal Finishings
  • May 2020: Occupancy

The Parkedale site in Brockville is Head Office for all Canarm operations worldwide and also is the “Centre of Excellence” for our commercial/industrial HVAC products. This addition increases their testing, R&D and new product development capacity. It allows them to have “straight line” manufacturing, rather than the “loop” flow that exists now. It allows the 40,000 square feet of offsite storage space they currently rent to be brought under one roof.

Canarm estimates these changes will increase their efficiency by over five percent.

The existing “trucking depot” building is not affected by the Phase 1 expansion but must be demolished before Phase 2 can begin (anticipated for 2022).
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