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Building Permit Application Process
Posted Jan-22-2021

Building Permit Application Process

NEW: The City of Brockville now uses a cloud-based e-permitting software called Cloudpermit to process all Building Permit Applications. This system digitizes the building permit process and will eventually help us go completely paperless. The software streamlines the application process and makes it easier for the applicant to track the status of their permit, request an inspection, and more.

Click here to start your building permit application through Cloudpermit.

Municipal staff review your application to ensure that it is complete and that it complies with the Building Code, the local zoning by-law and all other applicable laws. It may then be sent to other municipal officials for their consideration.

Applications that involve simple alterations or additions can usually be dealt with fairly quickly, while more complex proposals naturally take longer to process. If a zoning change or minor variance is necessary, or if building plans must be altered to comply with the Building Code, the changes must be approved and in place before a building permit can be issued.

Where there are problems with your proposal, local building officials will usually discuss them with you in detail before considering refusal of a permit.

The following represents a summarized version of the building permit process:

  1. Before Applying
    Before submitting an application, consult with municipal building officials.
  2. The Application
    Register for an account with Cloudpermit. Apply for a building permit through Cloudpermit and attach required supporting documentation for our local Building Official, along with fee.
  3. Consideration
    Application is reviewed for completeness and against local zoning by-laws, the Building Code and other legislation.
  4. Decision
    Application may be approved or refused. Inspections specified.
  5. Inspections During Construction
    Building inspector checks major phases of construction through to completion.
  6. Construction Completed

Refusal of Building Permit

If your are refused a building permit, local building officials will advise you of the reasons. If you have discussed the matter with them beforehand and have not been able to resolve the problems, you can follow one of several options:

  1. If the problem has to do with the interpretation of the technical requirements of the Building Code, you may appeal the application to the Building Code Commission (care of the Ministry of Housing, Buildings Branch). Reasons for the appeal must be given.
  2. If problems involve materials and construction techniques, you may appeal to the Building Materials Evaluation Commission by writing to the Secretary of the Commission (care of the Ministry of Housing, Buildings Branch). Reasons for the appeal must be given.
  3. If the problem arises out of the interpretation of the zoning by-law, you may apply to a District Judge, who will review the zoning and decide if a building permit should be issued. (In this case, you will want to consult a lawyer).

For further information, please contact:

Building & By-Law Services Division
(613) 342-8772 x 4425