Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dock my boat on the islands and how much does it cost?

As per the City’s “2021 COVID Conscious Delivery Plan” this service will be opening for the 2021 season, subject to any current provincial COVID regulations and local Health Unit guidelines. Please check back as updates will be posted in the relevant sections below.

Docking is available on all the City of Brockville Islands. Additionally, some islands have overnight and seasonal camping, and some have paddle-in camping sites suited to canoes and kayaks. Please refer to the Island Map for locations of docks, campsites, and paddle-in sites.

2021 Island Mooring Rates

Please review the 2021 Island rates as listed below:

Island Mooring

  • Day Use (per ft.): $1.00
  • Day and Overnight Use (per ft.): $1.50

Seasonal Island Mooring Passes

  • Day Use (per ft.): $7.00
  • Overnight Use (per ft.): $12.50

Island Beaching (canoes and kayaks only)

  • Day Use: $7.25
  • Seasonal Day Use Beaching Pass: $58.00

All prices are listed price plus HST. Prices are subject to change.

2021 Island Camping Rates

Please review the 2021 Island Camping rates:

Island Camping

  • Daily Camping (including dock): $37.00
  • Paddle In/Paddle Out (no dock): $19.75
  • Seasonal Camping, non-resident (including dock): $1,433.75
  • Seasonal Camping, resident (including dock): $1,227.50

All prices are listed price plus HST. Prices are subject to change.

The 2021 Seasonal Island Camping Application is now available, please visit for more information.

For additional information on the islands, please visit our City of Brockville Islands page.

For more information, please contact:

Robyn Houle - Parks and Events Coordinator
613-342-8772 x 3266