Frequently Asked Questions

My garbage was left behind at the curb on my collection day, why?

If your waste was left behind, there should be a red sticker on the bag indicating why it was not collected. Some of the reasons include: bag was too heavy (over 50lbs), bags did not have tags (any bags over 1 bag limit require tags), improper packaging (bag was ripped open). If your bag does not have a red sticker, it’s possible that it is a holiday week and your collection has been pushed back one day, or it was set out too late for collection, or it was not accessible from the curb (ie. In winter months, if your bags are placed behind snowbanks or on your front lawn/walkway, then they are not accessible from the roadway and cannot be collected). If none of these reasons apply, please call 613-342-8772 ext. 3220. If these reasons do apply, you must remove the uncollected waste from the curb by 8:00pm on your collection day. You can bring your waste & recycling to Waste Management at 1380 California Ave. for a fee (recycling is free), or properly store your garbage until the next collection and follow the correct procedures (tags for extra bags, weight limits, placement etc.) 

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