Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a request for information under the Municipal Freedom of Information Act

What is the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)?

There are actually two Acts.

One, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, governs the Provincial Government and its agencies. The companion Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act deals specifically with Local Governments.

They came into force in 1988. Each has the dual function of ensuring that the public has the right to access information held by Ontario public bodies, while at the same time protecting an individual's privacy. This law affects most provincial and local government departments, agencies, boards, and commissions.

Under this act a citizen has the right

  • to ask that records containing personal information be corrected if in error.
  • to have access to records and documents subject to a few limitations.

A convenient guide to the municipal version of the act outlining what you can ask for and the process is available at:

The entire act is available at:

For the City of Brockville, its Boards, Committees and Agencies the person to contact if you wish assistance, the forms, or to file a request for information, or an appeal, or have questions on this topic is:

Ms. S. M. MacDonald
City Clerk
Victoria Building
1 King Street West
PO Box 5000
Brockville, ON K6V 7A5
(613) 342-8772

Note: If the information you seek, or personal information you wish corrected, are with the Provincial government, its agencies, Boards, commissions and committees (including education, health care, law enforcement etc) the following guide outlines the responsibilities and process. This is NOT handled by Brockville City Hall.