Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to amend the Official Plan?

Can an Official Plan be amended?

If you propose using or developing your property in a way that does not comply with the existing Official Plan, you may have to apply for an amendment.  

Before you apply for an amendment to the Official Plan (Application for Official Plan Amendment), you are required to have a pre-consultation (Mandatory Preconsultation) with the Planning Department to discuss your proposal with planning staff.  The Planning Department can offer preliminary advice and information on how to proceed with a formal application.

The process for dealing with Official Plan amendments is the same as for an Official Plan.  It may also involve review by committees or municipal staff, as well as public meetings and negotiations.  If local council refuses your Application for Official Plan Amendment, you may appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.


Please follow the link below to access the Official Plan for the City of Brockville, detailed information with respect to Official Plans, and access to an application for Amendment to the Official Plan:

Official Plan Information

If you require further assistance, or wish to discuss the information provided hereto, please contact:

Jon Faurschou, MCIP, RPP, Interim Chief Planning Officer, at (613) 342-8772, email:; or

Andrew McGinnis, MCIP, RPP, Dipl.M.M. at (613) 342-8772, email: