Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to apply for a Plan of Subdivision?

What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is the division of a piece of land into two or more parcels. 

A registered plan of subdivision creates new, separate parcels of land and can be legally used for the sale of lots.

Subdivision approval ensures that:

  • the land is suitable for its proposed new use
  • the proposal conforms to the official plan and zoning in your community, as well as to provincial legislation and policies
  • you, your neighbours and your community are protected from developments which are inappropriate or may put an undue strain on community facilities, services or finances.

Information with respect to Subdivision and Condominium Approvals, and Condominium Conversion is available by contacting the Planning Department.

Fees for the submission of an application for Subdivision and Condominium Approvals may be found on the City's website (Planning Fee Schedule).