Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before constructing an addition to my house, a garage, a carport, a shed, or installing a swimming pool?

Planning Department Staff are here to provide information and assistance when you are considering building an addition, a garage or carport, a shed or install a swimming pool.  There are a number of items that need to be taken into consideration before moving forward with any alternations or changes to your property.

You are required to:

  • meet and maintain the regulations of City of Brockville Zoning By-law 050-2014; and
  • obtain the necessary Building Permits.

Planning Department Staff can meet with you to review your proposal and discuss any items that may need to be addressed. Issues with respect to location of a new detached structure, calculation of landscaped open space, relocation or widening of driveways, location of swimming pools and decks, are only a few examples of the types of matters that require consultation with the Planning Department.

For your assistance and discussion of your project, please contact the Planning Department at 613) 342-8772.

Let the Planning Department be part of the process from the beginning - it is important to gather all the information you may need to make the best decisions with respect to your property.