Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my waste for winter collection when there is a lot of snow?

Please consider that the waste collectors are coming from the roadway and will not climb through or over snowbanks to access your waste. Place your waste as close to the roadway as possible, without obstructing the road or sidewalks. Do not leave your waste on your front lawn, behind snowbanks, or where they cannot be accessed by the collectors without difficulty. Please place the waste where it can be safely accessed without snowbanks blocking access or without the collectors having to leave the roadside and go on to your property. If you have to place waste on top of a snowbank, please ensure that it is not up too high, and that it is secure and won’t fall over into the road. Also consider placement for snowplows that may be coming by. Your waste may be left behind if it cannot be safely accessed or is placed somewhere that cannot be seen from the roadside.

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