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22-2019 Cloud Back Up
Posted May-07-2019

Request for Quotation – Q22-2019

The City of Brockville is currently seeking a Veeam cloud back up provider to backup all of it critical data and virtual IT infrastructure.  We currently have 33 VM’s and are backing up approximately 5450GB (40GB nightly) at present.  The solution must include items 1-7(for items 3 and 7, please describe in detail how your environment meets or exceeds these requirements).

  1. Veeam Gold Level Partner Minimum
  2. Ability to back up from Office 365
  3. Geo Redundant Canadian based data centres
  4. Ability to stand up VM’s in the cloud
  5. Ability to stand up virtual firewalls/domain controllers etc. in the cloud
  6. Data Encryption that only the City of Brockville can Decrypt
  7. Environmental – AC/Generator, Security, Level of data centre

Please provide quotes on the below costs:

  • Installation and initial data upload cost
  • Monthly on going costs for maintaining cloud back up

Please provide the following information about the contract itself:

  • Is month to month or long term?
  • Can it be cancelled at any time?
  • What contract periods are available?

The City of Brockville reserves the right to enter discussions with all companies who submit bids for negotiation purposes.  The City of Brockville also reserves the right to cancel the solicitation of bids at any time and reissue the bid request at a later time.

Please contact Adam Parker at 613-342-8772 x4427 or with any questions regarding this bid request.


  • Quotes to be submitted by May 22nd, 2019   (original deadline May 17th, 2019)
  • All data centres must be located in Canada