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2019-008 Replacement of ASCO Gas Safety Valves
Posted Jul-02-2019

Project:            2019-008

Location(s):     WPCC Treatment Plant – Digester Control – Gas Production Room

Address(s):      1807 County Rd. #2 East Brockville

Date:               June 18, 2019

Department:    Environmental Services – Wastewater Systems Division

Site visits acceptable by appointment. ~ Questions due by July 10th 4PM

Bids acceptable by drop off at WPCC or email Deadline for submission July 19th 4 PM

The City of Brockville – Environmental Services Department – Wastewater Systems Division has identified the following project, as defined below. The below scope of work is a guideline for qualified contractors to provide competitive bids for consideration to complete the work:


The City of Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre has on site two (2) anaerobic digesters used to stabilize biosolids into a useable biogas that is used throughout the facility for process and building heating.

Each digester has a gas reclamation system, consisting generally of a gas dome, flame arrestor(s) moisture knockout decanter, gas boosters, pressure regulators and associated piping, valves and fittings etc.

In particular to the gas reclamation piping is a gas safety valve that is installed prior to each of the two (2) gas boosters which, automatically close during a power outage, or other disruption in the normal gas operation.

The scope of this project is to replace both of the ASCO Gas Safety Valves.


The valve/actuator combo currently installed:

  • 4”, ASCO Hydramotor®Valve, 120V 60Hz, Catalog number H10A620B5C2F1F13
  • Valve Body V62NAA
  • See Appendix for pictures of the valve(s) installed


The City of Brockville, Environmental Services Department, Wastewater Systems Division requests contractors with the necessary TSSA qualifications to be able to perform work on a fuel system, to provide materials, installation and testing to replace two (2) of the in-service safety valves in accordance with all relevant safety and legislative requirements, with all work done to CSA Standard B149.6.

The new replacement valves shall either be direct replacement of the ASCO valve or, if superseded by a newer model, the modern equivalent to provide equal or improved safety protection of the gas system.

Expectation of the services to be provided as follows:

  • Supply (2) ASCO gas safety valves
  • Properly isolate the affected gas lines to remove existing valves
  • Unwire and remove existing valves
  • Install new valves, gaskets and/or other materials necessary
  • Wire-up new valves and make ready for regular service
  • Purge affected gas lines and make any additional necessary preparations to re-energize the line with the new gas valve
  • Test the new valves for correct actuation
  • Put refurbished gas lines and safety valves into regular service

WPCC Plant Operations and Maintenance staff will provide the following support:

  • Oversee, support and assist with the process operation while individual lines are isolated for work and assist in the lock-out, tag-out process, coordinating it with SCADA plant control
  • Provide access to the various parts of the buildings, equipment and controls to provide access to the working areas
  • Assist in the testing of the valves for correct operation once installed
  • Assist in putting the refurbished gas lines and safety valves back into regular service

* Note the two valves; operate as part of parallel gas reclamation lines. One must remain in service at all times so labor and consumables estimates must account for work being done on one the gas trains sequentially to maintain process operation


Quotes provided for consideration will list costs in the following format:

  • Costs for supplying each valve assembly
  • Estimated consumables
  • Estimated labour costs for installation and testing
  • An addendum indicating TSSA Gas License, and either in-house or subcontracted electrician license, WSIB insurance certificate showing good standing

Click this for full document pdf including REFERENCE PICTURES


This intent of this document is to provide a general scope of work regarding a project to be undertaken by the City of Brockville. The details of the project listed include the general requirements, intended goals or outcomes and methods as they are understood at the time of the documents writing. The intent of this document is to convey these details to a potential vendor, contractor or service provider in order to give them a base to provide a proposed price for the service or good requested. A vendor, contractor or service provider may suggest providing alternative products or methods they deem equivalent to provide cost savings as long as they are providing a competitive equivalent to what has been requested. Deviations from the requested scope of work may result in the proposed alternatives not being considered for competitive comparison.

Phil Wood, P. Eng.

Supervisor – Wastewater Systems

Environmental Services Department