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2019-37 - Backwash Pump #1 VFD Supply and Installation
Posted Aug-05-2019

The Corporation of the City of Brockville

Invitation to Tender
for the Brockville WTP Backwash Pump #1 VFD Installation

Tender # 2019-37

Sealed tenders, which shall be clearly marked as to contents, will be received by:

The City of Brockville,
C/O Dayna Golledge
1 King Street,
Brockville, ON, K6V 7A5

until 2:00 PM, local time, as recorded by the City, on:
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

For the provision of the following services:

.1 Installation of new VFD, MCC disconnect and power wiring to the existing Backwash Pump #1.

.2 Control wiring to the existing instrument control panel;

.3 Integration and SCADA services to modify and terminate the new control wiring from the VFD with the existing control panel and PLC. This will include all modification to the existing control panel, PLC and SCADA controls programming to achieve the new automation requirements of the VFD.

.4 Commissioning of the new VFD system in coordination with the City’s Plant Staff.

.5 The contractor will be required to obtain all required permits and stage their work in order to minimize the shut-down of Backwash Pump #1.

On the same day, and shortly after the closing time, the tenders will be opened, and the total tendered amount will be read publicly by the City provided all of the tender submission items have been met in the bidding documents.

Hard Copies of the tender documents may be obtained by contacting EVB Engineering at the address listed below. Digital contract tender documents are also available upon request.. Tender documents may also be studied at, but not removed from, the City of Brockville’s office.

Tenders are subject to a formal contract being prepared and executed. The City of Brockville, at its own discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any compliant or non-compliant tender and advises that the lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Questions will be received until end of day August 19th, 2019, and must be submitted in writing to the Engineer. The City reserves the right to distribute any and all questions and answers pertaining to this tender by addenda. The final addendum, if applicable, will be issued on August 22nd, 2019.

EVB Engineering
Jamie Baker, P. Eng.
800 Second Street, Cornwall, ON K6J 1H6
Phone : 613-935-3775 x220