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Does the City have a pedestrian/bicycle trail?

The Brock Trail is a unique Brockville pathway system that lets you walk, jog, bike, blade or roll through the City’s spectacular waterfront and scenic green space. The pathway is 7 km in length and is still considered a work-in-progress. The fully paved path and boardwalk have been designed with access in mind providing curb cut-outs and a surface that can accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, baby carriages, strollers, bikes, trikes and roller blades. There are wonderful views all along the Trail and historical photo plaques enhance your experience.

The Brock Trail begins at Armagh S. Price Park, adjacent to the Brockville Rowing Club and just across from Canada’s oldest railway tunnel. (There is a short trail extension to Centeen Park via Water Street). The Trail winds westerly along the downtown waterfront. It then heads northward following Buell’s Creek through the City to Brookview Crescent. The path stops at this point but picks up again on the north side of Parkedale Blvd., immediately to the east of St. Lawrence College grounds and continues north to Laurier Blvd. A west linkage to St. Lawrence Park off of Cedar St. was completed in 2015.

The Brock Trail bisects a number of City parks as it winds its way through the community. This makes it ideal for your children (and for you) to enjoy the available playground equipment. Bring a picnic basket and savour your meal while you feast on the wonderful views.

Fitness enthusiasts will find the Trail a safe pathway for jogging, running and roller blading – free from the worries of motorized traffic. The Brockville Road Runners Club has installed markers to help keep track of the distance you have travelled. Do you work downtown? Well, why not get a little exercise every morning and evening by biking or walking to work. The Brock Trail links much of the City’s downtown core with many neighbourhoods in the City’s western and central regions. You will also discover how the Trail changes with the seasons!

Your pets are also welcome to join you on the trail but remember, they must be kept on a leash and please observe our “poop and scoop” by-law.

Future expansions of the Trail will link to the north end of the City, with ultimate access to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority’s “back pond”. An east linkage all the way to Oxford Avenue is also planned.

The Brock Trail – yours to capture.


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