Fire Services

What are the guidelines for outdoor fireplaces?


All outdoor fireplace installations must be inspected and approved by the

Brockville Fire Department (498-1363) prior to being used

A minimum clearance of 1.2 metres (48 inches) shall be provided between the appliance and combustible material with nothing above it.

Each appliance shall be equipped with a chimney with a permanently fixed spark arrester inside the chimney having openings less than 5 mm (0.2 inches)

Each appliance shall be located at or near grade level.

When an appliance is placed on a combustible floor, a non-combustible pad that will provide ember protection shall be placed under the appliance.  The pad shall extend a minimum of 450 mm (18 inches) beyond the appliance on any side equipped with a door or screen and 200 mm (8 inches) beyond the Any alteration or modification to the original installation will require the approval of the Fire Department.

Use of any appliance that does not comply with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and the requirements of the Fire Department may result in charges under Section of the Ontario Fire Code.

Complaints received by the Fire Department will result in the property owner being asked to extinguish the fire and refrain from using the appliance until an investigation by the Fire Department or other authorities have jurisdiction (e.g. M.O.E., By-law, etc.) has been completed.

Approval of the Fire Department does not override the requirements addressed in the Environmental Protection Act (Ministry of Environment, telephone1-800-267-0974.)

                Fire Protection:     Equipment to extinguish the fire (e.g. a fire extinguisher of suitable size and type, a pail of water or a garden hose) shall be readily available and accessible. While burning, the appliance shall be under constant supervision.          

Instructions and Care:    Units having cracks or signs of other physical deterioration shall not be used.

Fuel:      Wood products only (excluding pressure-treated wood) are to be used as fuel.  Petroleum products, rubbish, grass, plastics, rubber or any material that may flow out of the containment chamber or cause excessive heat or smoke are not permitted.

BE FIRE SAFE:   While you enjoy your outdoor fireplace, please use it with care and consideration for neighbours.