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Weather Related Fire Safety Hazards
Posted Feb-14-2017


The time of year and the recent nasty weather being inflicted upon us has prompted the Brockville Fire Department to issue the following fire safety reminders.

Municipal and private fire hydrants are required to be maintained free of snow and ice accumulation.  Chief Fire Prevention Officer Greg Healy urges all owners who have fire hydrants located on their property to ensure that these hydrants are easily accessible and free of snow and ice build-up.  This will assist the fire department in the event of an emergency.  Many people may not be aware that it is illegal to obstruct or bury a fire hydrant with snow.  The delay caused by a fire hydrant not being accessible upon the arrival of the fire department could lead to tragic results. 

The Ontario Fire Code also requires that exit doors, exterior fire escapes and stairways be kept free of obstructions, including snow and ice accumulation.  Healy states “We are reminding all building owners of their responsibility to ensure these access to exits in occupied buildings are kept clear to an open public thoroughfare and that all exit doors are not frozen shut or blocked by snow.”

Time is precious in an emergency situation.  Being trapped inside a burning building due to a blocked exit could well result in lives being lost. 

Protect yourself and your neighbours by doing your part in the interest of safety.