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The Brockville Museum is Collecting Pandemic Experience
Posted Feb-05-2021

The Brockville Museum is Collecting Pandemic Experience

Collecting the Pandemic Campaign: Help The Museum by Sharing your Experience!

Help us write history! The Brockville Museum is calling on all Brockvillians in to help document life in Brockville during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re looking for stories and pictures that reflect your COVID experience. This is your chance to leave a record that will help your grandchildren and great-grandchildren understand what it felt like to live through this defining moment in our time!
Whether you are an individual, family or a business, some of your experiences we are hoping to document include:

• Ways covid-19 has affected you at work, school, or home
• Struggles faced during the pandemic
• How did you celebrate milestones?
• Any positive stories experienced during the pandemic
• Any stories of people supporting each other and showing kindness during the pandemic
• Did you become more engaged with local news or social media

The Brockville Museum has developed two online questionnaires (one for business and one for residents) to make sharing your story easy. The surveys can be found on the museum website:
If you would like to share your account in writing (.doc or .pdf), or with photographs (.jpg), please email them to with the subject line “Collecting the Pandemic”. Please include your name, age, contact information, and your city/town of residence. By submitting a story or image, you grant the museum permission to store the information/royalty-free photos in the museum’s research files to be use for any future exhibition, promotion, programming, or any other way the museum deems relevant. Details available on our website under “donate”.

The museum will also be looking for objects that reflect your experience such as a sign you may have put up in your window. However, for safety reasons we cannot accept them right but please hang on to those COVID-19 related objects!
If you have any questions about our Collecting the Pandemic Campaign, please email with the subject line: "Collecting the Pandemic".

We know this isn't over yet, but we want to start capturing YOUR stories now. Thank you for being a part of our history!