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Road Rehabilitation at Various Locations
Posted Jun-14-2021

Road Rehabilitation at Various Locations

Concrete Curb and Sidewalk Repairs

Commencing June to July 2021, the City of Brockville will begin reconstruction of concrete curbs and sidewalks at various locations throughout the City.

Access to your driveway may be restricted for a short period of time where various new concrete has been placed to allow the concrete to cure and gain sufficient strength to support a vehicle. We kindly request that residents make temporary arrangements to park their cars on side streets or with neighbors during periods that construction is being carried out in front of their homes. You will be notified in advance of any construction planned in front of your residence by the contractor.

Asphalt Roadway Resurfacing

Commencing August 2021, the City of Brockville will begin resurfacing the asphalt roadway on your street. The top 40mm (1 ½") of asphalt will be removed by a cold milling process and then replaced with new hot mix asphalt. Work on your street will only take a few hours for each portion of the resurfacing.

We kindly request that all vehicles be off the roadway during the time of construction to allow the contractor to complete the work without delay. Vehicles left on the street will be towed if we can not locate the owners to move them. Once the milling portion is complete you can continue to park on the roadway until paving begins. Access in and out of your parking spaces may be restricted for a short period of time (10-15 minutes) while the contractor completes their work.

Inspection will be carried out by Ronnie Joslin with the City of Brockville’s Engineering Division. I can be contacted on site during construction or at the telephone number listed below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Please be advised of the City of Brockville’s no cutting of new asphalt 5-year moratorium policy with respect to open cut excavation in new asphalt pavement. The City will not permit an open cut excavation within the new asphalt pavement for five (5) years. If you are contemplating any underground sanitary or water service repairs or a conversion from hydro or oil to natural gas, we suggest that you investigate this option with the local utilities now. Installation of any servicing conversion requiring open cut excavation in the pavement must be completed prior to August 2021. 

As previously noted, a degree of inconvenience will be experienced but we shall endeavour to keep this to a minimum and again suggest that you call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Please visit this link for a list of roads the City will be completing the above-mentioned work.

Ronnie Joslin, rcji
City of Brockville, Engineering Division
Engineering and Infrastructure Department
Phone: (613) 342-8772, Ext. 3224