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Reynolds Park Redevelopment
Posted Sep-15-2021

Reynolds Park Redevelopment

The City of Brockville is redeveloping the Reynolds Park property into a new passive park space for residents of Brockville. The initial concept for the park space includes:

  • Grassed park space, with picnic tables and benches
  • An extension of and linkage to the Brock Trail
  • A board walk to provide waterfront access
  • An open air pavilion
  • Additional Parking on Water St. and inside the park
  • A drop-off, turn-around space for convenient barrier-free access to the park

The City would like your input into the new park space.

a. Would you be visiting the park to:

  1. Utilize boardwalk or seating under the pavilion
  2. Utilize the steps to access the river for swimming or diving
  3. Utilize the picnic areas
  4. Access the Brock Trail path system
  5. Park to access downtown or attend an event
  6. Any purpose not listed above

b. Who would visit the park with you?
c. Are there other amenities not listed or shown that the City could consider?

Please send us your thoughts via this very brief survey:

Phil Wood P.Eng.

Director of Operations