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A Canada Community-Building Fund Project
Posted Dec-07-2021

A Canada Community-Building Fund Project

The City of Brockville appreciates the work of the Canada Community-Building Fund. In this example, for the replacement/refurbishment of City Hall (Victoria Hall) windows for the City of Brockville. Victoria Hall which houses the City Hall, is a designated Heritage building and the recommendation to restore the windows came from an energy audit, to provide energy efficiencies and save money on heating and cooling of the building. A Consultant has been retained to ensure that the window retrofits are in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Heritage Trust.

The Canada Community-Building Fund is a permanent source of federal funding for local infrastructure. Funds are provided to communities up front, twice a year, and can be strategically invested across 18 project categories to address local priorities. Municipalities can also pool, bank and borrow against this funding. First established in 2005, the Fund has continually evolved to meet the needs of municipalities and their critical infrastructure projects.

For this and other funds being distributed, visit this website: