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Centeen Park - Seawall Repairs
Posted Feb-16-2023

Centeen Park - Seawall Repairs

Centeen Park - Seawall Repairs

Commencing the week of February 27th, 2023, the City of Brockville plans to start work on the removal of a damaged seawall at Centeen Park. The plan includes the removal of the damaged seawall and replacement with armour stone similar to other sections of the park for erosion control. The section of trail immediately adjacent to the work will be closed until later this spring when construction crews can mobilize to finish landscaping and re-pave the path.

Economic Development, Recreation & Tourism Committee - February 1, 2022
Report Number: 2022-23
Subject: Centeen Park Seawall Repair Project

General Committee - December 7, 2022
Report Number: 2022-229 -
Subject: Centeen Seawall Repair - Tender Results