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Mayor and Council

Council Members:

David Henderson, Mayor,, 613.342.8772

Jason Baker, Councillor, jwbaker@brockville.com613.246.0473

Tom Blanchard, Councillor,, 613.345.2579

Leigh Bursey, Councillor,, 613.349.6026

Philip Deery, Councillor,, 613.342.3950 

Jeff Earle, Councillor,, 613.498.1429 

Jane Fullarton, Councillor,, 613.345.3410

Mike Kalivas, Councillor,, 613.345.0453

David LeSueur, Councillor,, 613.803.5501

The City of Brockville Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The Municipal Government Act provides that councils can only exercise the powers of the municipal corporation in the proper form, either by bylaw or resolution.

The councillor's job is to work with other council members to set the overall direction of the municipality through their role as a policy maker. The policies that council sets are the guidelines for administration to follow as it does the job of running a municipality. A councillor will spend a lot of time while on council creating new policies and programs or reviewing the current ones to make sure they are working as they should.

City Council uses a Standing Committee structure to manage the Corporation. There are two Standing Committees, the Finance, Administration and Operations Committee (FAO) and the Economic Development and Planning Committee (EDP). Each standing committee meets once per month and reports to the Council meeting of the following week. The meetings are as follows:

  • Economic Development & Planning Committee (EDP) - 1st Tuesday
  • Council - 2nd Tuesday
  • Finance, Administration & Operations (FAO) - 3rd Tuesday
  • Council - 4th Tuesday

Each member of council is appointed to a standing committee. The 2018 Committees are as follows:

EDP Councillor Kalivas, Chair and Councillors Baker, Bursey and LeSueur

FAOCouncillor Fullarton, Chair; Councillors Blanchard, Deery, Earle

The Mayor serves on each standing committee as Ex-Officio.

The areas of responsibility for each committee can be viewed here:   PDF

The City of Brockville Procedural Bylaw can be viewed here: PDF

For further information please contact the Clerk's Department (Contact Clerk or 613-342-8772).