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The Economic Development Department is the community's central control centre for the coordination of economic development programming. The office endeavors to position the community as an attractive investment centre through the implementation of various marketing promotion initiatives. The programs include publication production, brochure development, ad placements in newspapers and magazines, trade show participation, and direct mail campaigns. The office maintains accurate and current data on the economic development performance of the community. This information is utilized by various organizations and businesses for both business development and promotional purposes. To this end, the data research program assists our existing industry based in sustainable development.

In addition to the attraction component of economic development, the office has increasingly directed more energy in recent years towards the retention and solidifying of its existing economic base. Various cooperative and partnership agreements with business and community organizations have occurred over the past few years. This approach provides both a stronger and more efficient basis for fostering economic growth with less contribution from the public sector sources.

The community continues to be a forerunner in the field of economic development.  This pinnacle of success has been achieved through a genuine commitment by both business and citizens on positioning the "River City" as an attractive vibrant city with a strong commitment towards development.  Several external agencies and broadcasting corporations have extended tributes to the community in this regard.

Additional Resources and Reports:

The department produces a number of publications providing statistical information on the city and surrounding community. This information helps to understand the economic health of the community at any one time. The Economic Indicator report is updated annually and provides demographic information as well as economic trends in Brockville. There is also a industrial/commercial real estate inventory and business directory. These publications are most helpful for businesses looking at relocating into the community.

Relocation Packages

The Economic Development Dept. produces information for those interested in moving to the community. Contact the department if you know of someone interested in receiving more information on Brockville to move as an individual. Welcome information packages can be mailed to individuals considering moving to Brockville. More information can be found in the residential relocation section.


Click the link here to email a request for a Residential Relocation Package by mail

or call  613-342-8772 x4440 for more information.

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