Installing any type of sign requires a permit

Sign By-Law 84-89

For installing a Facsia or Pylon type sign required information includes:  a Building Permit application, an engineered drawing showing image and/or foundation information, size, sign location and materials used.  

Building Permit Application

For a Temporary/Portable/Panel/Banner Sign required information includes; 

Temporary/Portable/Panel/Banner Sign Permit Application, the advertisment, and a site plan .  The site plan must show the location of the Temporary/Portable/Panel/Banner Sign including measurements from property lines and entrances.  Height of pole is required for Banner Sign. 

For an Aboard or Sandwich board sign, required information includes;  Temporary/Portable Sign Permit Application,  a site plan and image of sign.  Once a permit has been issued for an Aboard or Sandwich board sign that permit is good for the life of the sign. 

Temporary/Portable/Panel/Banner Sign Permit Application

Current fees can be found in our Fee By-Law under Class 19 - Fee By-Law

For further inquires please contact:

Planning Department ~ Building & By-Law Services Division

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