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Brockville 1000 Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport

Brockville’s municipal airport is located 4.8 miles north-west of Brockville. The airport has one 4,500 x 90' paved runway, a single turf runway of 1,800' x 125'; a terminal; limited hangar space and tie-down facilities. It is licensed for both VFR and IFR operations. Unicom (radio advisory) is on 123.00 with NBD instrument approach equipment. The Brockville municipal airport can handle both private and commercial aircraft. Brockville is included in the list of CANPASS approved airports. This is a telephonic clearance system by which aircraft report into Canada Customs prior to departing the United States. It can also arrange for customs facilities for international traffic. (613) 342-4511 fax (613) 342-4588.

International Airports

Ottawa International Airport is less than an hour drive from Brockville. Other airports are: Dorval Airport, in west Montreal, is a 2 hour drive, Mirabel Airport north of Montreal is approximately 2.5 hour drive, Toronto Pearson Airport is 3 hours and Syracuse, NY is 2 hours.

Ottawa International Airport is less than an hour drive from Brockville. Hancock International Aiport in Syracuse is 2 hours from the city. Dorval and Mirabel International Airports are located in the Montreal area, approximately a 2 hour drive. Pearson International Airport located in Toronto is a 3 hour drive from the city.

Ogdensburg Airport

The Ogdensburg airport is located 4 miles from the Prescott International Bridge. The airport has one 5,200' x 150' paved runway, a terminal, and hangar space available. It is licensed for both VFR and IFR operations as well as having localizer NBD instrument approach. The Ogdensburg airport has a US Air affiliated commuter airline (315-393-4897) that flies to Watertown and Massena, using Pittsburgh as a hub. Custom facilities are available with 2 hours notice. (315) 393-1390.

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