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Food Processing

Brockville is an ideal manufacturing base for agri-food processing companies for many reasons including:

  • A trained and ready workforce with strong work ethics
  • Access to a labour force of over 200,000 people
  • Committed employment, education and training partners
  • Excellent building lease rates and land prices
  • Exceptional quality of life

Brockville is home to prominent agri-food manufacturers:

Burnbrae Farms

A thriving participant in Canadian agri-busines, Burnbrae employs 450 people and sells eggs and egg products to many of the major grocery chains, food service operations and large bakery customers throughout Canada. For the past four years Burnbrae Farms was nominated for a Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award.

Harvest Foodworks
A growing company making freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, specifically formulated for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ontario East is the reqion where Brockville is located and is host to big-name companies such as Pepsi, Quaker, Nestle, Parmalat, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kraft, Saputo and Ingredion.

Ontario East is one of the lowest cost food processing jurisdictions in the G7.