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What is an "age-friendly" Brockville?

An Age Friendly Community is set up to help people of all ages live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved in the community.

There are 8 areas (identified below) that cities and communities can do to better to adapt their structures and services to the needs of seniors in their community.

Brockville is currently working on creating an Age-Friendly Community Profile, which is a snapshot of our community’s current age-friendly status. Part of this will including surveying how well older adults currently feel the social and physical environment promotes and/or constrains their quality of life in Brockville.

June is Senior's Month

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For more information on aging well and accessing services, visit the Ministry of Seniors Affairs

Addressing both the social and physical aspects of the community environment is essential in order to respond well to the needs and preferences of older adults to promote their health and wellbeing.

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Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
Social Participation
Social Participation
Respect and Social Inclusion
Respect and Social Inclusion
Civic Participation and Employment
Civic Participation and Employment
Communication and Information
Communication and Information
Community Support and Health Services
Community Support and Health Services

1.Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Walkability - frequent rest spaces, accessible washrooms and sidewalks/crosswalks/walkways are in safe condition
  • Actual and Perceived Accessibility - adequate access to and manoeuvrability
  • Number of Falls and Other Injuries
  • Crime Prevention - availability of prevention strategies, courses and programs
  • Transportation Options and Public Transit - range of affordable options, busses and shelters clean and accessible.
  • Proportion of people age 65+ who have access to and use public transportation - clear signs and lanes, areas kept clean of snow and ice
  • Housing Availability - affordable housing
  • Housing Programs and Resources - programs for accesibility
  • Ability to Age in Place - remaining in current residence
  • Housing Support Awareness - subsidies
4.Social Participation
  • Engagement in Social Activities - active in activities at least once a week
  • Opportunities for Participation - availability of recreational and social programs
  • Accessibility of Participation Opportunities - making sure venues are publicly accessible
5.Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Availability of Intergenerational Activities
  • Sense of Belonging to the community
6.Civic Participation and Employment
  • Unemployment and Employment among seniors
  • Training and Support - availability of support for volunteers and training opportunities related to senior needs
  • Accessibility of buildlings/meeting venues