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Duck Hunting on City Owned Islands

Registered hunters may access specific City-owned Islands for the 2021-2022 duck hunting season.

2021 Islands Duck Hunting - Procedure and Registration Form

For more information, contact Parks at 613-342-8772 x 3266 or for registration details.

Online Booking and Reservation System for the Brockville Islands

Online booking for our Islands dock and campsite booking is now LIVE!


  • You’ll need to create your own Let’s Camp account:
  • Please contact Let’s Camp at 306-249-9609 or if you have any issues with the site itself.
  • Once your reservation is completed, be sure to always have your reservation details with you (on phone/tablet or a hard-copy print out) when you go to your reserved location.


  • To make this work, specific boat length options were pre-determined for each dock space so, to get started, you must select the length of your boat from the dropdown menu for available options to appear.
  • If there’s a dock that you know your boat will fit in, select a different boat size until your preferred dock shows up as available. Bear in mind that, although this will provide a “workaround”, it’s IMPERATIVE that large boats don’t go to disproportionately small docks. For example, a 40’ boat won’t fit on Shaeffe 29A as it’s designated for up to a 26’ boat. However, a 28’ boat could be accommodated at that location so select a 24’ to 26’ boat length for additional location (unless the spot has already been reserved)
  • If you are unsure if your boat will fit at a specific location, send an e-mail to and one of the amazing Islands team will help you.

    To view a map to assist you in choosing and booking your space, please click here: Island Booking Map.


  • Bookings can only be made up to four-weeks/28-days in advance.
  • Should a booking be made that’s outside the four-week window, your entire booking is subject to cancellation without notice.
  • Your stay at a specific Island is limited to a maximum of three concurrent days with a three-day break between your next visit to that specific Island (but you can book a spot on another Island). As above, should this not be adhered to, your entire booking is subject to cancellation without notice.


  • If you need to change or cancel a reservation, please login to your account and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that someone else can book and enjoy the space.   


  • Take note that signage showing the new reservation process in both English and French will be prominently posted on all of the Islands and Islands Staff are available weekdays from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and weekends from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • If someone is in your reserved slip or campsite, start with letting them know that you’ve reserved the location using the NEW online reservation system (having reservation details on your phone/table or a hard-copy will be helpful)
  • If they become difficult or are unable/unwilling to relocate, IMMEDIATELY send an e-mail to and Staff will respond as soon as possible during work hours
  • If this occurs outside these hours, please book an alternate docking slip for that day/evening and IMMEDIATELY send an e-mail to explaining your situation so that Island Staff can address it when they start their shift the next morning.

We know that this is all new, and we understand that some hiccups along the way will occur as we ALL get used to this new system but, we’re also confident the fantastic support from our online booking service provider, combined with all the positive comments we’ve received from many of our regular “river rats”, will make this a success. 

Thanks again for your ongoing patience through all of this and we can’t wait for your summer on the Islands to begin… 

Seasonal Island Mooring Passes are now ON SALE!

Our Islands are scheduled to open very shortly and we want to make it very easy for you to get your seasonal pass - please follow these steps:

 Download the attached 2021 Island Mooring Pass Form and 2021 Island Camping and Docking Rules documents

  • Complete the form and send it by e-mail to Robyn Houle – Parks and Events Coordinator at
  • Once City Staff receive your completed form, you will be contacted by phone for Visa and MasterCard payments (take note that an appointment will have to be booked to come to the Gord Watts for debit payments)
  • Starting this year, all transient docks must be reserved and a unique booking code will be provided to be used on the City’s online system. You will be notified. 
  • Once the City receives payment, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know where you can pick up your sticker, booking code and credit card receipt

The City of Brockville owns and manages a group of islands in the St. Lawrence River for conservation and public enjoyment. Part of the world-famous 1000 Islands, they contribute to the scenic and ecological character of an important tourist area and provide valuable recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike.

Daily, weekly and seasonal camping is available for the islands of the City of Brockville (fees are applicable). Daily and weekly camping is available on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are not accepted at this time. Seasonal camping is available by lottery draw, held annually. The islands can also be used for day use picnicing and boating.

Seasonal Camping Applications

2021 Applications for Seasonal Island Camping (June 4 - September 13, 2021) are now available. Residents of Brockville, as well as Augusta, Eilzabethtown-Kitley, and Front of Yonge Townships are eligible to apply. The lottery draw will take place on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 5:00 pm and applicants will receive location details by email prior to the draw.

Due to COVID-19, an appointment must be booked with Robyn Houle (613-342-8772 x3266 or to bring completed applications, including payment in full and all original supporting documents to the Gord Watts Municipal Centre at 251 North Augusta Road.

Council Directive 2005-303-12 gives first preference to City of Brockville residents and second preference to residents of surrounding municipalities. Therefore, documentation is required from these groups to substantiate residency. Residents outside the City of Brockville and surrounding areas may submit their application by e-mail to or by Canada Post as no documentation is required.

How to get to the Islands and where to leave your vehicle

The Brockville Islands can be accessed by personal watercraft. Limited docking is available on most City Islands once the boating season begins, please refer to the island map for dock locations

Paddle In/Paddle Out

The City has 6 paddle in/paddle out sites (fees are applicable). Canoes and kayaks must be beached or placed at the campsite. Reservations for these sites can be made during the camping season by contacting St. Lawrence Park Campground at 613-345-1341. 

Boat Launching

The City of Brockville provides 2 boat launching ramps, one located at the foot of Henry Street and the other is located at the foot of Home Street.

Boats can be launched at no charge, however vehicular and trailer parking fees are applicable.

Vehicle with Trailer Parking

Vehicle with trailer parking is permitted at the following locations (fees are applicable):

  • Henry Street Parking Lot
  • Home Street Parking Lot (gravel section only - North of Water Street, East side)
  • Home Street along the East bank of Hardy Park (South of Water Street, West side) - day use only until 11pm

Vehicle Parking

Overnight and multiple day parking is permitted at the following municipal parking lots (fees are applicable):

  • Water Street parking Lot
  • Market Street West Parking Lot
  • George Street Parking Lot
  • Buell Street Parking Lot
  • John Street Parking Lot
  • Home Street Parking Lot

Please click here to download a copy of the Downtown Brockville Parking Map

Island Rules Overview

For detailed Island Rules, please click here to view the Park Islands and Camping Rules.


Campfires are permitted on City of Brockville Islands in designated areas only (fire boxes/pits/receptacles). Firewood can be purchased at the canteen located in St. Lawrence Park and can be accessed by boat. Mooring is permitted on the courtesy dock located to the east of the dive dock.

Twigs, broken branches and rotting logs play an important role in the healthy development of the island forest, providing cover and food for insects, small animals and birds. Please leave them where they fall.

Campfires are prohibited when a fire ban is in place.

Pack It In/Pack It Out

Leave no trace - take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. Pack your waste back with you when you vacate the island.

The City of Brockville has always encouraged the practice of Pack it In/Pack It Out. We have reduced the number of receptacles on the islands.


The islands are especially sensitive to damage because they are rocky, small in area and have more severe climate than the mainland. You can contribute to the protection of the islands by complying with the regulations. They have been designed to encourage you to use and enjoy the islands in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Walking trails have been provided to allow you to explore the islands. In many areas of the dry island environments, soil erosion and plant destruction have resulted from people walking around, so please stay on the trails.

Glass Prohibited

Because the islands are rocky, broken glass has been a problem in the past. For the safety of your family and others, please use plastic or canned containers only.


Pets are welcome on City of Brockville islands, but they must be on a leash and under control at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. (And yes, pack it out includes your poop bags)


Outhouses are located on a number of City of Brockville Islands. Please refer to the island map for locations.


Ice can be purchased from the canteen located at St. Lawrence Park and the Brockville Municipal Harbour office, both can be accessed by boat. The courtesy dock at St. Lawrence Park and the day docks at the Brockville Municipal Harbour are meant for short term stays such as stopping by for an ice cream cone or to purchase ice.


Fees are payable immediately upon arrival when self-registration boxes are present. If self-registration is not available, parks staff will be around to collect fees. 

2021 Island Camping Rates

Island Camping

  • Daily Camping (including dock): $37.00
  • Paddle In/Paddle Out (no dock): $19.75
  • Seasonal Camping, non-resident (including dock): $1,433.75
  • Seasonal Camping, resident (including dock): $1,227.50

Island Mooring

  • Day Use (per ft.): $1.00
  • Day and Overnight Use (per ft.): $1.50
  • Seasonal Island Mooring Pass, Day Use (per ft.): $7.00
  • Seasonal Island Mooring Pass, Overnight Use (per ft.): $12.50

Island Beaching (canoes and kayaks only)

  • Day Use: $7.25
  • Seasonal Pass: $58.00

All prices are listed price plus HST. Pricing subject to change.


Robyn Houle - Parks and Events Coordinator
613-342-8772 x 3266