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Age-Friendly Characteristics

How do we characterize an ‘Age-friendly community’?

Age-friendly communities create supportive social and physical environments that enable older people to live active, safe and meaningful lives and continue to contribute in all areas of community life:

  • Measurable characteristics: residential density, land-use mix, street connectivity and access to green spaces.
  • Subjective measures: concerns about crime, personal safety and environmental variables such as noise and neighbourhood aesthetics.
  • Social factors: the stability of a neighbourhood’s residents, the presence of relatives or close friends, and the degree of social interaction among neighbours.
  • Accessibility: in the home environment and in the larger neighbourhood context.
  • Support: for older adults’ continuing participation in the social, economic, cultural and civic affairs of a community.

Brockville is currently working on creating an Age-Friendly Community Profile, which is a snapshot of our community’s current age-friendly status. Part of this will including surveying how well older adults currently feel the social and physical environment promotes and/or constrains their quality of life in Brockville.

Fill out the survey in person on May 26, 2018 at the Downtown Brockville Street Eats event at our booth on King Street, and stop by for cake!

June is Senior's Month

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For more information on aging well and accessing services, visit the Ministry of Seniors Affairs