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Canada Day In Brockville

Join us in Brockville, Ontario, Monday July 1st, 2024 for the Canada Day Festivities on Court House green and later on, Fireworks at the waterfront in the evening after dark.

The City of Brockville will commemorate the 157th birthday of our great nation of Canada on Monday, July 1st, 2024 Canada Day in beautiful downtown Brockville.

Our first portion begins at Brockville City Hall, 1 King Street West. The Brockville Pipe and Drum Corp will lead a march of the Scarlet Clad Infantry Re-enactors, representatives of The Brockville Rifles, The Brockville Fire Department and Police Services, those who have served our country in time of war and time of peace, along with a number of local dignitaries.

At 11:45 the procession will march West on King Street and then North on Court House Avenue. At 12:00 noon the singing of “O Canada” shall take place on Court House Green, to be followed by recognitions and speeches.

Following that, cupcakes will be served to the public to celebrate the special occasion. Please join with friends and neighbors during this commemorative Canada Day event. Let’s reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a nation of such bounty, peace and security.

In the evening, there will be a fireworks display at the waterfront over the St. Lawrence River just out from Blockhouse Island after dark (approximately 9:45 pm). Blockhouse Island Parkway will be open to pedestrians, but will be closed to vehicles starting at 7:00 pm. Please note that in the event of any high winds or potential for lightening, the event is postponed to the following evening. Any updates or changes can be found on our website homepage www.brockville.com or https://www.facebook.com/BrockvilleON.

Funded by the Government of Canada.

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Brockville Branch ’96 Legion on July 1st.

180 Park Street, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Rejoignez-nous à Brockville, en Ontario, le lundi 1er juillet 2024 pour les festivités de la fête du Canada sur le terrain du palais de justice et plus tard, des feux d’artifice au bord de l’eau en soirée.
La Ville de Brockville commémorera le 157e anniversaire de notre grande nation qu’est le Canada le lundi 1er juillet 2024, fête du Canada, dans le magnifique centre-ville de Brockville.
Notre première partie commence à l’hôtel de ville de Brockville, 1, rue King Ouest. Le Brockville Pipe and Drum Corp. dirigera une marche des Re-enactors Scarlet Clad Infantry, des représentants des Brockville Rifles, du service d’incendie et des services de police de Brockville, de ceux qui ont servi notre pays en temps de guerre et en temps de paix, en compagnie de plusieurs dignitaires locaux.

À 11 h 45, le cortège se dirigera vers l’ouest sur la rue King, puis vers le nord sur l’avenue Court House. À midi, le chant de « Ô Canada » aura lieu sur Court House Green, suivi de reconnaissances et de discours.

Par la suite, des cupcakes seront servis au public pour célébrer cette occasion spéciale. Veuillez vous joindre à vos amis et voisins lors de cet événement commémoratif de la fête du Canada. Réfléchissons à la chance que nous avons de vivre dans une nation où règnent tant de générosité, de paix et de sécurité.
En soirée, il y aura un feu d’artifice au bord de l’eau au-dessus du fleuve Saint-Laurent, juste à la sortie de l’île Blockhouse, après la tombée de la nuit (vers 21h45). Blockhouse Island Parkway sera ouverte aux piétons, mais sera fermée aux véhicules à partir de 19 h. Veuillez noter qu’en cas de vent violent ou de risque d’éclairs, l’événement est reporté au lendemain soir. Toute mise à jour ou modification peut être trouvée sur la page d’accueil de notre site Web www.brockville.com ou https://www.facebook.com/BrockvilleON.

Financé par le gouvernement du Canada.

Government of Canada wordmark logo reading: Government of Canada Gouvernement du Canada and featuring the "Canada" wordmark logo with small red maple leaf

Brockville adopts 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

At the meeting of Tuesday, May 28th, City Council adopted the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan serves as a comprehensive roadmap for the future progress and development of the community and resulted from the dialogues council members have had with the community, including residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

An executive summary of the plan was shared with the public and feedback was gathered by way of survey between the dates of April 10 and May 7, 2024. Through this process, priorities were validated by survey participants as a vast majority of the feedback received was supportive of the identified priorities. Thank you to all who took the time to participate.

The following four core priorities have been identified for council and staff for the balance of the term:

Our People and Our Community

The priority area of “People and Our Community” is at the heart of a mission to create a vibrant and inclusive environment for all residents and visitors. The City aims to create a place where everyone feels at home and visitors feel welcome. Some of the initiatives at the forefront of this priority include increased customer service and service deliver efforts, transit improvements, modernization of online services and greater efforts to bolster tourism and recreational programming.

Sustainability and Well-Being

Identifying Sustainability and Well-Being as a priority reflects the commitment to a ensure a thriving, eco-conscious, and harmonious community where residents can live, work, and play in a balanced way. Initiatives related to this priority include efforts related to housing intensification and the development of affordable housing options while maintaining neighbourhoods. In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, programs centered around waste reduction and recycling will be launched and parkland development to provide green spaces that enhance the well-being of our citizens will be promoted.

Asset Management

The City recognizes that the foundation of progress lies in the strength and adaptability of infrastructure. With this understanding, the priority of Asset Management has been identified with a commitment to building and maintaining a modern, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure network that not only meets the needs of the community today but also anticipates the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Initiatives related to Asset Management include modernizing roads, sidewalks and water systems, developing a new recreation complex, expanding the marina and museum and fostering a built environment that promotes both safety and accessibility.

Governance and Policy

Identifying Governance and Policy as a priority demonstrates a firm commitment to fostering transparency and accountability in decision making. Initiatives include enhanced organizational management, the implementation of an asset management and long-term financial planning. Through streamlined processes, data-driven decision-making, and active community engagement, the City aims to strengthen an environment of trust and collaboration. By emphasizing good governance, the foundation for a municipality that is not only responsive to the needs of its residents but is also adaptable to changing circumstances is established.
Staff will begin to incorporate benchmarking and measures that align with the adopted priorities in their future reports and annual updates on the status of the various initiatives will be presented to Council.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan can be viewed here.

Enjoy local restaurants with the new Patio Passport

Enjoy some sips in the sun this summer and you could win one of our monthly prizes with the new Brockville “Patio Passport” program.

How it works:

  1. Pick up your Passport at a participating patio or the Brockville Tourism Visitor Centre (16 Market Street East, Brockville)
  2. Spend $10 at a participating patio from this list of participating restaurants
  3. Your server will add a sticker after your patio visit
  4. Once you’ve completed your passport with 3 stickers, enter it into a drop box at any participating restaurant, or submit your passport details online.
  5. You could win one of four monthly prize draws for a $50 Downtown Brockville giftcard!

The program runs from June 1 to August 31, with four monthly prize draws to take place every month. Every card with 3 stickers counts towards one entry. A grand prize draw from all entries received over the summer months will take place after August 31.


  • June: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift card (4 winners)
  • July: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift card (4 winners)
  • August: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift card (4 winners)
  • Grand Prize: At the end of the summer, all entries received throughout the patio season will be entered into a draw for a one night stay in Brockville!

The Patio Passport is presented in partnership with Brockville TourismCity of BrockvilleBrockville & District Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Brockville.

Road Closures

Spring, summer and autumn bring the opportunity for development and construction projects which offers several key benefits to our community. These projects improve infrastructure by repairing and upgrading roads, sidewalks, and public spaces, which enhances safety and accessibility for residents. They also boost the local economy by creating jobs and increasing demand for construction-related services and materials. Additionally, seasonal construction helps optimize traffic flow and reduces congestion, leading to shorter travel times and lower vehicle maintenance costs. Enhanced infrastructure can also attract businesses and tourism, contributing to the overall economic growth and vitality of the community.

The City of Brockville uses Municipal511 which is a map-based road information management and communications service helping municipalities manage and communicate road closures.

You can view current Brockville road construction and closures from the Brockville Municipal 511 site here.

If you are travelling, you may wish to check here for closures and detours for your trip.

Use this link for more information regarding City services of roads, sidewalks traffic, etc.  

New Subdivision Work Beginning on Dobbie Street

Subdivision work for Stirling Meadows is set to begin May 27, 2024. Notification letters have been distributed to the area.

As part of the overall subdivision works, the sanitary trunk sewer, the storm sewer, and the road will be reconstructed along Dobbie Street. Developers expect that Dobbie Street will be reconstructed within 60 days.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Clarke, Project Manager of Juliada Holdings Inc Owner Stirling Meadows, at alison@tsgdi.ca or call 613-299-5654.

We thank you for your patience.


New One-Way Streets as of July 2, 2024

On July 2nd, 2024, City staff will be converting the southern portion of Ormond Street (between Pearl Street and King Street) and Orchard Street from King Street to Pearl Street to one-way streets.

Ormond Street will become a one-way heading southbound and Orchard Street will become a one-way heading northbound.

These two changes are occurring only between King Street and Pearl Street East on both Ormond and Orchard streets.

Map of the downtown streets showing the traffic new traffic direction of the effected streets
Map of the downtown streets showing the new traffic direction Ormond Street southbound and Orchard Street northbound beginning July 2, 2024.

City staff are asking you to share this information to give the public as much notice as possible to make adjustments in day to day routines.

This change has been communicated to all transit and emergency services.

Learn more about the City of Brockville’s roads, traffic, and transit services here.


Help Us Design the New Main Pumping Station at Centeen Park

The City is seeking input on the visual aesthetics of the Main Pumping Station to be built in Centeen Park.

Please click on this link for a short survey with options to choose from.

The survey is open until June 7, 2024. Your input in greatly appreciated.

Splash Pad opens for the season

The Rotary Park Splash Pad is now open for the 2024 season.

Open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm until Labour Day (Monday, September 2).

Washrooms in the park are also open for the season.

Railway Tunnel opening for the season

Great news! We are excited to announce that the Brockville Railway Tunnel will open for the 2024 season on Friday, May 17th.

The tunnel will be open 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily, 7 days a week.

For the time being, the tunnel will feature white lights only and we are excited to feature Brockville’s local radio station, Brockville’s Move 104.9 FM inside the tunnel when it opens.

Admission into the tunnel is free, although donations are greatly appreciated. Secure donation bins can be found inside the tunnel itself, or you can make a donation to the tunnel online.

Panels inside the tunnel provide historical context and interesting facts about the attraction. The white lights provide the best opportunity to observe the unique geological features of the tunnel, and we encourage you to take this opportunity to dive into the history and science of the tunnel when you visit.

For more information about our repair plan and upgrades, please read our full announcement here

Annual traffic counting in progress

The Annual Traffic Counting Program is now in progress.

Engineering summer staff will be at various intersections in the City during the month of May, conducting Traffic Counting Operations. If you spot a City vehicle stationed at an intersection all day, that’s probably what they are working on!

The information gathered is used for studying traffic patterns and turning movements as well as various traffic planning studies.

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