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  • Brockville Transit – Service Adjustment

    Brockville Transit – Service Adjustment

    Posted: Wednesday May 24, 2023

    Council approved the purchase of 2 new buses during the May 23 Council meeting. These buses are being ordered and are expected to arrive in November. This will help to modernize the fleet and maintain the current service level. Meanwhile, Brockville Transit has had to remove a bus from service as a safety precaution (Bus 503) due to frame issues. This unfortunately means that Brockville Transit will be operating without any spare buses from now until November when the new buses arrive. Staff is taking steps to shift work around to complete maintenance and cleaning work outside of Transit service hours – but we are expecting impacts to service over the next six months. Larger maintenance jobs will require pulling a bus out of service resulting in Brockville Transit operating the 2-Route Modified Service schedule for the duration of the bus maintenance.

    Transit route modification announcements will be placed on the City’s Twitter page as well as the home page of this site www.brockville.com. For more information and for a map of the modified route, please visit www.brockville.com/transit.


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