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    Overnight Parking Restrictions

    Posted: Wednesday November 08, 2023

    Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect. Parking is prohibited on City streets between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM. The date range for no parking on City streets are in effect as of Nov 1st, 2023 and end Mar 31st, 2024. This prohibition is in effect regardless of weather conditions. Illegally parked cars can delay or impair the City’s winter control operations. All illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed.

    Updates on conditions will be posted here as a news item and announced for those who subscribe to https://brockville.com/announcements. For more information on parking in Brockville, please visit: https://brockville.com/parking

    When the weather conditions are challenging or inclement, Significant Weather Events will be posted under this News section when they are declared and also posted on our municipal Facebook page. For more information about significant weather events and the City’s winter control operations please visit: https://brockville.com/winter-maintenance-control/

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