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    Road Closures

    Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2024

    Spring, summer and autumn bring the opportunity for development and construction projects which offers several key benefits to our community. These projects improve infrastructure by repairing and upgrading roads, sidewalks, and public spaces, which enhances safety and accessibility for residents. They also boost the local economy by creating jobs and increasing demand for construction-related services and materials. Additionally, seasonal construction helps optimize traffic flow and reduces congestion, leading to shorter travel times and lower vehicle maintenance costs. Enhanced infrastructure can also attract businesses and tourism, contributing to the overall economic growth and vitality of the community.

    The City of Brockville uses Municipal511 which is a map-based road information management and communications service helping municipalities manage and communicate road closures.

    You can view current Brockville road construction and closures from the Brockville Municipal 511 site here.

    If you are travelling, you may wish to check here for closures and detours for your trip.

    Use this link for more information regarding City services of roads, sidewalks traffic, etc.  

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