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Key Responsibilities 

The City is responsible for the construction of roads, sidewalks and bridges, airport, traffic lights, street lighting and crossing guards. The Public Works department is responsible for the general maintenance of the City's infrastructure of roads and stormwater collection system. The division is based at the GWMC, 251 North Augusta Road. All inquiries to this division should be directed to 613-342-8772 during regular working hours (7 am - 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday) and to the City's emergency after hours call number 613-498-1361 during other times.

The following are some specific activities carried out by Public Works/Parks:

  • Catch basin cleaning/repairs - Each spring thaw, the City appreciates your help in keeping catch basins clear of snow and ice. If blocked, the runoff they collect can instead flood streets. Zoom in on the City Explore map to find catch basins near you.

  • Creek maintenance/cleaning operations

  • Excavation Permit - Before any construction or digging can commence, an Excavation Permit must be granted by the City of Brockville. You must apply for a locate and an Excavation Permit.  To apply for a locate, visit Ontario One Call (, click “Request a Locate,” and follow the instructions outlined on the Ontario One Call website. 

    To apply for an excavation permit, fill out the Excavation Permit Application. Once the form is filled in, download it for your records, and send your completed application to  

    The City will review the permit application, declare if it is approved or denied, and send either a granted permit or denied application to the client. A valid permit contains a City Signature and a valid permit number. 

  • Gravel shoulder maintenance

  • Load restrictions - A handy map application showing the streets within the City of Brockville that are under load restrictions annually between February 15 and May 15. Please obey the signs and  load restrictions when we move from winter to spring conditions.

  • Locates - the City is responsible for locates before an excavation permit is granted and a third party may begin construction/digging

  • Painting of roadway markers

  • Pothole and localized asphalt roadway repairs

  • Roadside litter clearing

  • Sectional sidewalk/curbing repair

  • Sod repair - Every year the City of Brockville will go around the entire city to do sod restoration on boulevards that were damaged due to winter operations. This operation begins in April and ends at the end of May which consists of removing the sod and adding fresh soil and grass seed. If you have sod damage as a result of City of Brockville winter operations and it hasn’t been repaired by June 1st please contact 613-498-1362 during regular working hours 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The City does not repair any sod damage caused by general winter weather or lack of maintenance by a property-owner. Homeowners are responsible for removing any water sprinklers or lawn fixtures prior to the start of winter.

  • Street name and regulatory sign installation/replacement

  • Street sweeping/flushing operations

  • Stormwater piping/structures repairs

  • Winter maintenance activities on roadways and sidewalks

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Municipal 511: Road Closure Status 

General Inquiries and Contacts

Dispatcher - Gord Watts Municipal Centre
Phone: (613) 342-8772