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Site Plan Control

What is Site Plan Control?

The City uses Site Plan Control Approval and the Site Plan Manual (provided below) to address and resolve design matters related to the proper development of any site. Site Plan Approval works in conjunction with other approvals such as Zoning or Building Permit approval to provide for well-designed and functional sites. Click here for more information on the Site Plan Control Process. 

The City’s general objectives for design are found in the City’s Official Plan Chapter 6, Implementing Our City’s Plan as well as throughout other parts of the Official Plan (Revitalizing Our City, Developing Our Thriving City Structure). A copy of the Official Plan or excerpts is available from the Planning Department.

Site Plan Approval is a Site-specific type of development control authorized under Section 41 of the Planning Act. The Site Plan By-law of the City of Brockville was approved by Council 28 January 1986 to establish Site Plan Control within the City. 

The goal of Site Plan Control is to improve the image and appearance of the City through better individual developments by applying consistent standards and guidelines; to ensure that off-street parking and loading facilities are properly located, constructed and maintained during all seasons; to ensure the safety and convenience of automobile and pedestrian traffic; and to protect environmental areas through the appropriate location of buildings, roads and parking spaces.

The Site Plan Control Manual is to assist a proponent to understand the City’s requirements and the types of issues that will be reviewed for approval.

Special consideration must be given for unique or special areas such as the waterfront and heritage properties. Items to be given this attention include protection of easements and promotion of a high quality design and building material usage.

For further information, please contact the Planning Department.

NEW - Site Plan Control Manual for the City of Brockville

This site plan control manual provides information on development requirements within the City of Brockville as well as the requirement for pre-consultation prior to submitting an application for Site Plan Control Approval.

Site Plan Control Applications