Truck / Highway

Brockville lies within one day’s trucking time of 120 million consumers and 53% of the North American industrial market. It is closer to the bulk of the U.S. markets than those in Florida, Texas and California. Ontario does more business with the U.S. than the other nine provinces combined, thus putting Brockville’s location on the cutting edge of this commercial and industrial force.

Operating within Brockville and the nearby area, a number of truck transport companies provide extensive service to areas within Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada and the U.S.A., as well as connecting carriers to western and overseas destinations. These firms are able to handle solid, liquid, dry bulk and containerized goods and materials. 



 Delivery Time

Ottawa, Ontario

same day

Toronto, Ontario

same day

Montreal, Quebec

same day

Halifax, Nova Scotia

next day

Winnipeg, Manitoba

2 days

Regina, Saskatchewan

2 days

Calgary, Alberta

3 days

Edmonton, Alberta

3 days

Vancouver, British Columbia

4 days