Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about installing a swimming pool or hot tub?


If you are planning to install a swimming pool, hot tub or any other artificial body of water that may be used for swimming or bathing, you will need to obtain a building permit from the Building & By-Law Services Division according to the Swimming Pool By-Law # 35-83.

General Information

Along with your fully completed application forms (above), you will need to submit the following:

Additionally, your installation plans should take the following into account:


Every residential swimming pool shall be secured with the required fencing. The exception is where a pool is erected above grade to a minimum of 4' above the ground provided that:

Certain construction requirements need to be met depending on the type of fence you plan on erecting. Please speak with someone in the Building & By-Law Services Division for these requirements.

Zoning Requirements
(Excerpt from Zoning By-Law 050-2014)


If you are planning to construct a deck with your pool, the Building & By-Law Services Division will include the deck with the permit issued for the swimming pool provided the following items are met:


Every person who erects or constructs a private swimming pool or fence around a swimming pool shall pay the required permit fee at time of application for permit. Please contact the Building & By-Law Services Division for current fees.

For more information on building and construction in the City of Brockville, please visit our Building Notices and Bulletins section for more information.

For further information, please contact:

Building & By-Law Services Division
(613) 342-8772  Ext. 4425