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Brockville Celebrates 190 Years
Posted Jun-07-2022

Brockville Celebrates 190 Years

This is a year for Brockville to do some commemorating and some celebrating. 2022 is the 190th anniversary of Brockville becoming the first incorporated municipality in Ontario. We were incorporated as a Police Village Jan.28,1832 and an East and West Ward were set up. This meant we could hire a constable, so this is also the 190th anniversary of the Brockville Police

That same year the Honourable Charles Jones U.E.L (1781-1840) gave land for a Farmers’ Market in the East Ward, over objections from the Buell family who wanted it in the West Ward.

So the Market is also celebrating 190 years, the oldest in Ontario. 

Charles Jones (shown above Honourable Charles Jones U.E.L -1781-1840)  was a member of the  Board of Health, who set up cholera quarantine sheds on Blockhouse Island in 1832, as this dreaded disease moved up the river and hit Kingston hard. Brockville lost three people, including our young Scottish doctor Robert Gilmour and William Buell Sr. U.E.L (1751-1832).

He was elected President of the Board of Police in 1837, equivalent to the mayor today. In 1826 he had donated land for St. Peter’s Anglican Church (now St.Lawrence Anglican). 

As Captain in the 1st. Leeds Militia in the War of 1812 Charles Jones wrote two letters to Major General Isaac Brock seeking supplies and these are the earliest known letters using the name Brockville, which was then called Elizabethtown. He used his influence with the Legislature in the capital of York (now Toronto) to get the Court House moved here in 1808. Charles Jones was an important but forgotten man in our history.


Happy 190th.

Brian Porter

(Local Historian)