Active Transportation

What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation. It is any trip made for the purposes of getting yourself, or others, to a particular destination, this includes to work, to school, to the store or to visit friends. Common examples of active transportation are walking, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding and using a wheelchair or mobility device.

Active Transportation Plan Update - Summer 2019

The City of Brockville hosted a public engagement event on July 23 to present draft Active Transportation Network Map information. At the event, the draft network information shown here was presented.

The development of the network considered the following:

Existing conditions • Schedule 5 from the Official Plan • Cycling Committee Cycling Network • Public engagement feedback • Level of traffic stress analysis • Live, work, play analysis • Gap analysis 

Brockville Active Transportation Draft Map Package

The City of Brockville is seeking feedback on the draft Active Transportation Network Map. Please click the link below to access a survey and give feedback on the Draft Network and Plan Principles.


The survey and feedback period will be open until August 16, 2019. The feedback from the July 23 event and from the survey will be reviewed and used to make appropriate revisions to the draft plan. Once complete, the draft plan will go to Committee and Council in October.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the initial public engagement phase. During the engagement, over 550 people were engaged, reviewing material in person and online. There were 263 pins left on the online engagement map, identifying places people like to walk or bike to, where they want to walk or bike to, and barriers they experience walking and biking. The feedback from the engagement was reviewed and used in the development of the draft plan.

Who benefits from an Active Transportation Plan?

Active transportation has a positive impact on residents, tourists and businesses that operate in the City. The presence of accessible sidewalks, trails, cycling routes, and signage instills confidence and make active transportation modes a more attractive option for getting around your community. Whether it is walking safely from school to the library on complete sidewalks, cycling to and from work in a bike lane, or walking to a bus stop, an integrated active transportation plan helps to prioritize improvements you want to see in your community.

Active Transportation Facilities Examples

Why do we need an Active Transportation Plan?

The City of Brockville is preparing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to assess existing active transportation infrastructure, build on the Official Plan and propose new infrastructure to create a comprehensive network over the next 20 years. The ATP will guide decision-making, coordination and collaboration between Council, local municipal staff, community partners and residents. The plan will look to connect to and expand the Brock Trail system with on- and off-road facilities. Due to its size, Brockville has high potential for a network that serve residents and visitors. Emphasizing a network that connect people to community destinations such as schools, libraries, parks and recreational facilities will make it more viable to use active transportation modes for everyday trips.

Goals for the ATP include:


Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee

Committee Members   November 13, 2018  


Brockville will have a vibrant cycling culture, in which cycling is integrated into the fabric of the City's sustainable lifestyle - in its transportation network, recreational opportunities, tourism initiatives and everyday living. The Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee (BCAC) cooperates with the Railway Tunnel and Brock Trail committees in pursuit of shared goals.


To create sustainable lifestyle advantage by helping people cycle more often, through engineering, encouragement, enforcement, education and evaluation.

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Brockville and Area Cycling Resources

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