Animal Control

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From City Hall - Messages and Resources Pertaining to Health and Safety

Customer Services - Water & Tax Bills, Parking Passes and Tickets, Dog Tags, Garbage Tags

Essential Services - Facilities, Meetings, What is Has Changed 

Information for Pet Owners

Lost Pets

If you have lost your dog or cat, please call:

Sally Bell

If you have lost, found or seen a wandering animal, please call:

By-Law Enforcement Officer - Animal Control
City of Brockville
(613) 342-8772
Contact by Email

Animal Complaints

All complaints against dogs, cats, or other animals in the City of Brockville are investigated by a By-Law Enforcement Officer according to our Animal Control By-Law 7-82.

Complaints must be formally submitted in writing. Complaints may be submitted using our online complaint form, or by filling out and turning in the form below:

Related Contacts

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact:

By-Law Enforcement Officer
1 King Street West
Brockville, ON
K6V 7A5
(613) 342-8772
Contact by Email