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The St. Lawrence – Rideau Immigration Partnership is a coalition of organizations committed to building local capacity to attract, settle and integrate immigrants throughout Leeds Grenville. The Immigration Partnership also encourages organizations, individuals and communities to recognize and welcome cultural diversity. Check out their collection of video testimonials here.

If you are an immigrant, local resident, business/employer or community agency, please get in touch to learn more. 

Melissa Francis, Program Manager –
105 Strowger Blvd., P.O. Box 191
Brockville, ON, K6V 5V2 
Twitter: @LGImmigration

Newcomers' Welcome Kit

The St. Lawrence - Rideau Immigration Partnership has developed and produced a Newcomers' Welcome Kit to serve as an easy-to-understand reference and orientation tool for recent newcomers in the region.  It offers valuable information on living, learning, working and doing business in the region. It can help newcomers to connect with the organizations, services, and information they need to become involved and contributing members of our communities. 

To request a copy of the Welcome Kit, please contact or by calling 613-498-2111, ext 241.

Toolkit to Attract and Retain Immigrant Entrepreneurs

In February 2016, the City of Brockville’s Economic Development Department in collaboration with the St. Lawrence Rideau Immigration Partnership received funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to investigate innovative ways to attract immigrant entrepreneurs (and more peripherally, foreign direct investment) to Brockville specifically, and to rural communities/small cities more generally. 

The result of nine months of research, analysis, consultation, and outreach into the central question of how the City of Brockville’s capacity can be further developed to attract and retain immigrant entrepreneurs to the area has resulted in this toolkit ot attract and retain immigrant entrepreneurs. The toolkit is specifically designed to take the foundation laid by the City of Brockville and the umbrella organizations that make up the St. Lawrence Rideau Immigration Partnership, and move it forward into action by assessing the situation Brockville currently finds itself in vis-à-vis welcoming new immigrant entrepreneurs, helping them to get established, and providing them an environment that allows them to remain and flourish as part of Brockville’s community and economy.

This toolkit outlines the best practices that the City of Brockville, and other small centres like it, can employ to amplify its ability to attract, welcome, include, and retain immigrant entrepreneurs to Brockville from all corners of the world. Click here to download a copy of the Toolkit to Attract and Retain Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

For more resources, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada YouTube page.


Since 2015, the City of Brockville has been actively involved in the welcoming of numerous newcomer refugee families and individuals. Refugees for Brockville is an umbrella organization that helps to facilitate the sponsorship and integration of these newcomers. Learn more at or on the Refugees for Brockville Facebook Group.

To address the many questions involved with the local sponsorship and support of newcomer refugees, the St. Lawrence – Rideau Immigration Partnership partnered with service providers and refugee sponsorship groups to develop the guide entitled ‘How to Sponsor and Welcome Refugees to Leeds and Grenville Communities’. This guide is useful for local groups or individuals wanting to learn more about how to sponsor and/or support refugee newcomers. 

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has produced an animated video to provide refugees resettling to Canada with an overview of what to expect, including services and supports that will be provided to them to help them get settled in Canada. 

It has been translated into the following languages and each one is hyperlinked to the video:

We Are Neighbours

We Are Neighbours Campaign'We Are Neighbours' is a social media campaign brought to you by the St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership. The campaign showcases and celebrates the local diversity of Leeds Grenville residents through the sharing of stories and photos. People of all ages including long-term residents, newcomers, students, families and business owners are included in the campaign.  Learn more here: or follow @LGImmigration on Facebook and Twitter

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