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City of Brockville - Zoning By-Law 050-2014 - Adopted by Council JUNE 10, 2014.  Office Consolidation 1 April 2019.

How to use this By-law

Click here to download Schdule 'A' - Zoning Map - City

Click here to download Schedule 'A' – Zone Maps 1-8.

Click here to download Schedule 'A' – Zone Maps 9-20.

Click here to download Schedule 'B' – Special Provisions for the Downtown and Central Waterfront Area

Click here to download Appendix 1 – Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority Screening Area

Click here to download Appendix 2 - Location of Pipelines.

Click here to download Appendix 3 - Source Water Protection Vulnerable Areas

The following links take you to the various sections of Zoning By-law 050-2014 (please note that the links to the Schedules and attachments to the by-law are included in the section above):

Section 1 - Introduction, Administration and Enforcement

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 3 - General Provisions

Section 4 - Zone Classifications

Section 5 - Residential Zones

Section 6 - Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Section 7 - Non Residential and Non Commercial Zones

Section 8 - Replacement of Former Zoning By-laws and Effective Date

Questions - Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 050-2014:

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