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Water Meter Replacement Program

The City of Brockville is undertaking a water meter replacement program. The intent of the program is to update Brockville’s water meters and meter reading technologies. The new system will improve the efficiency of the meter reading process through the installation of new radio frequency meters. When the installation process is complete, customers will be relieved of the responsibility of reading their own meter or the need for the Water Meter Reading staff to enter homes/businesses to read the meter. Depending on the age of the meter and / or consumption on the meter, some meters will be retrofit or replaced with a new meter.

In order to complete the Meter Replacement Program as efficiently as possible, areas of the City will be targeted. When an area is substantially complete, the program will move on to the next area, and so on, until the entire City has been converted. 

Water meters are an important component of Brockville's Municipal Drinking Water System. Every residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional customer is equipped with a water meter to track consumption. This ensures that each individual customer is being billed for only the water they consume. There are 8,500 water meters within the city, of which, 8,300 are residential water meters. The Water Division is responsible for replacing, installing, and testing water meters throughout the city. 

Click here to download the complete Water Meter Replacement Program PDF