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Zoning Bylaw 050-2014

Zoning Information - City of Brockville

Please use the following links:

Information on Zoning Bylaws 

Application for Amendment to the Zoning Bylaw 

Mandatory Pre-consultation with Respect to Amendments to the Zoning Bylaw 

Certificate of Zoning Compliance

If you are unable to locate the information you require or clarification of the information provided, please contact Planning, 613-342-8772 - email: planning@brockville.com.

City of Brockville - Zoning Bylaw 050-2014 - Adopted by Council JUNE 10, 2014.  Office Consolidation 1 April 2019.

How to use this Bylaw

Click here to download Schdule 'A' - Zoning Map - City

Click here to download Schedule 'A' – Zone Maps 1-8.

Click here to download Schedule 'A' – Zone Maps 9-20.

Click here to download Schedule 'B' – Special Provisions for the Downtown and Central Waterfront Area

Click here to download Appendix 1 – Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority Screening Area

Click here to download Appendix 2 - Location of Pipelines.

Click here to download Appendix 3 - Source Water Protection Vulnerable Areas

The following links take you to the various sections of Zoning Bylaw 050-2014 (please note that the links to the Schedules and attachments to the bylaw are included in the section above):

Section 1 - Introduction, Administration and Enforcement

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 3 - General Provisions

Section 4 - Zone Classifications

Section 5 - Residential Zones

Section 6 - Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Section 7 - Non Residential and Non Commercial Zones

Section 8 - Replacement of Former Zoning Bylaws and Effective Date

Questions - Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 050-2014:

Please direct any questions to: (613) 342-8772 (voice prompts - say the name of the person you wish to speak to)

Andrew McGinnis, MCIP, RPP, Dipl.M.M., at amcginnis@brockville.com.

Colin Herrewynen, RPP, MCIP, at cherrewynen@brockville.com